If you find solace in Bible stories and cherish the verses of the Word, you might have encountered the tale of the Lady with the Alabaster Jar. If her story remains unfamiliar, allow me to paint it through my perspective. It wasn’t until I delved into the Book of Luke, embracing the notions of grace, courage, and the transformative power of Christ, that I realized how deeply I resonated with her narrative.

Scriptures hint that she might have been Mary, yet uncertainty shrouds her identity. What remains crystal clear is her unwavering faith in Jesus, her willingness to pour out her love upon him—a testament of her courage.

As Paul aptly states, “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” The alabaster jar symbolized something of immense value, something we safeguard, reflect upon, and sometimes, keep concealed. Thus, as she poured her love upon Jesus, she not only demonstrated her affection but also surrendered herself and her virtue at his feet, humbly acknowledging his authority.

Her actions weren’t merely superficial; they stemmed from deep-rooted convictions. Through her tears and the act of wiping his feet with her hair, she conveyed a profound message: “Jesus, I am undeserving of your love and mercy. I’ve heard of your wonders, witnessed your miracles, and experienced your acceptance, despite my sinful nature. What manner of love is this—compelling, transformative, and all-encompassing?

In honor of what I’ve come to know and experience, I too pour out my love upon Jesus. I emulate the Lady with the Alabaster Jar, bowing in unworthiness before his presence, offering my devotion in words (spoken and written), actions, and even in silent prayers. I invite you to join me on this journey, to find, know, and believe in him enough to pour out your love as well.

May you, too, remain steadfast in your love as you deepen your relationship with him.

Unwavering Little One, come, follow me as I follow Christ.

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